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What your resume reveals about your Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Confident or Kidding Yourself?

Emotional intelligence (or EI) is the ability to understand human emotions. Having high emotional intelligence can help you build relationships in the workplace, accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

EI can seem like a gray area concept; however, there are specific ways you can develop this skill and how it might be used to your advantage on your resume.

Let's review how your ego on your CV may get in the way of exhibiting your Emotional Intelligence.

How many times are you using "I" throughout your CV?

Are you taking 100% credit for the all the successes on your resume?

Did you get lazy in preparing your resume thinking that your title or the company you work will entitle you to an interview?

Did you use any examples of collaboration on projects?

Being a solo performer isn't thought of as the best employee when being considered for a new career opportunity.

Suggestion: have someone you trust will be direct with you to read your resume and give you feedback if the CV portrays EI.

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